10. september 2021

AgriFoodTure-Roadmap: Partnership to be established

A consortium of industries, universities and organisations are preparing an Innovation Fund Denmark Innomission 3 (IM3)-partnership application.


All interested parties are now invited to contribute to the application, give input on project ideas, and establish partnerships. 

The ambition of the Mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships are to fulfil the ambitious goals Denmark is committed to act on and reduce climate changes and has set goals to a 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Denmark by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050, strengthen environment and nature, and furthermore, to contribute to increased competitiveness of Danish businesses and industries.

The work on establishing the partnership and related projects builds upon the AgriFoodTure-roadmap submitted to the Innovation Fund Denmark in May 2021. 

The partnership application deadline is October 19th, 2021, and we acknowledge that the process is fast and calls upon all our efforts and willingness to make this happen.

How to become Involved?
Based on the AgriFoodTure-Roadmap, 19 overall priority themes have been identified. The purpose of these 19 themes is to further unfold the content of the roadmap. The descriptions of each theme can be found attached to this email. The Call for Expression of Interests is now open and interested parties can contact relevant Theme Coordinators, the IM3-Management Team to get involved or Lisbeth Henricksen, Executive Director, SEGES Innovation, Interim Application Manager of the AgriFoodTure partnership,


T1. Systems analysis and accounting Claus Grøn Sørensen, AU
T2. Socio-economics, regulation and incentives
Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, KU
T3. Multifunctional landscape planning, demonstration farms and living labs
Irene Wiborg, SEGES

T4. Ruminant livestock systems
Peter Lund, AU
T5. Monogastric livestock systems
Søren Krogh Jensen, AU
T6. Manure management
Anders Feilberg, AU
T7. Crop production
Lars Munkholm, AU
T8. Low emission fertilization systems
Sander Bruun, KU
T9. Plant biologicals
Svend Christensen, KU
T10. Organic soils and wetlands
Brian Kronvang, AU
T11. Plant to food Christian Bugge Henriksen, KU
T12. Plant to feed Uffe Jørgensen, AU
T13. Cell based food Peter Ruhdal Jensen DTU
T14. Alternative protein sources Mette Lübeck AAU
T15. Upcycling of sidestreams to support circular systems Timothy Hobley, DTU
T16. Land-based aquaculture Lone Gram, DTU
T17. Climate and resource-efficient food processing Lisbeth Truelstrup Hansen, DTU
T18. Robots, drones, and sustainable agricultural machinery Ulrich Pagh Schultz, SDU
T19. Vertical Farming Kristian Holst Laursen, KU


In general, there are two types of projects: 
1. Projects that are ready to start from 1/1-2022 including established co-financing. These projects should have a running period of up to 5 years and amount to a contribution of 5 Mio DKK or less. (Deadline for Expression of interest 15/9-2021, Pool 1 - expired).
2. Projects that are ready to start later in 2022. These projects can have a running time until and including 2026 and do at the moment not have a financial limit. (Deadline for Expression of Interest to be included in the application is 29/9-2021, Pool 2). Additional Pool 2 Expression of Interests can be submitted by 2022.

Any question regarding the IM3 partnership application can be addressed to the IM3 Coordinating Team



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