20. september 2021

Business community and knowledge institutions ready for groundbreaking new green transformation partnership

A strong partnership between the business community and knowledge institutions can deliver the solutions needed for the green transformation. The goal is research-based knowledge and new technologies that can be translated into concrete action both in Denmark and internationally.

The Danish business community and Danish knowledge institutions are ready to join forces in a strong and uniquely broad and mission-driven partnership. The aim is to provide the solutions required for the green transformation of the agrifood industry.

The starting point for the partnership is the decision by a broad political majority to establish a number of Green Research and Innovation Partnerships.

This will be the framework for ambitious investment in mission-driven R&D in areas with a special need to accelerate research and innovation if we are to achieve the green transformation, and for which Denmark has research and business strength and potential.

On this basis, Innovation Fund Denmark has called for applications to engage in a joint partnership regarding climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production, for which at least DKK 195 million has been allocated in 2021. On achieving a grant from Innovation Fund Denmark, the partnership will pursue solutions up to 2030 while working for greater breadth and involvement, and also support for the work and the concrete initiatives.

This is reported by Hanne Harmsen, Green Transformation Officer, Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She has been elected Interim Application Manager for the partnership that is currently being formed.

“The green transformation is complex, and presents great challenges. There is also a need for some concrete solutions. The challenges are global, but in Denmark the agrifood area provides a very strong basis for generating research and knowledge with a documented effect that can be implemented broadly and successfully via producers and companies. That makes it both encouraging and necessary that the knowledge institutions and the business community will now be working together to achieve the knowledge and the solutions needed to bring us further and achieve our goals,” Hanne Harmsen says.

Development and growth are the goal

The partnership wants to take joint responsibility for developing the knowledge and technologies needed to meet the climate, environmental and biodiversity challenges, while creating growth and securing jobs and employment.

The idea for the partnership arose in continuation of the ‘AgriFoodTure-Roadmap for sustainable transformation of the Danish AgriFood system’, published this summer by 300 researchers and representatives from companies and NGOs.

The ambition was also to ensure change now and in the future through close collaboration on the complex, crosscutting issues.

The roadmap points to four main areas that are central to the work: Animal-based food production, Plant-based food production, Biotechnology-based food production and alternative protein sources, and Land use and management.

How to get involved?

Based on the roadmap process, 19 themes have now been defined, to be implemented in a number of prioritised initiatives. The Call for Expression of Interest is now open, and interested parties can contact relevant Theme Coordinators. See more about the prioritised initiatives and how to contact the Theme Coordinators here.


The partnership’s board currently comprises Arla, Danish Crown, Carlsberg, DLF, which represents the plant breeding and crops sector, Chr. Hansen as a representative of the ingredients and biotech sector, Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University and the Technical University of Denmark, as representatives of the eight Danish universities, and the Danish Technological Institute as a representative of the Danish GTS (government-approved research and technology) institutes and SEGES.  
The partnership will be expanded with additional interested partners during its term, including representatives of SMEs, public authorities and NGOs.


For more information contact Hanne Harmsen, email:



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