Business Areas

SEGES is bringing together some of the brightest minds within the agricultural and food sector. And we are collaborating with the best in the business. And we are making sure to keep the distance from theory to practice short. And effective. 

Crop & Environment

SEGES Crop & Environment is an innovation centre that works with the full palette of the open land.  Read more

Pig Research Centre

SEGES Pig Research Centre works to transform their extensive knowledge into value for the individual Danish pig breeder.

Read more

Dairy & Beef Research Centre

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre is ready with specialist knowledge of how to run a sustainable cattle farm. Read more

Organic Farming

SEGES Organic Farming lays down the stepping stones for the future of organic farming.    Read more


SEGES Horses are ready to help you with all aspects concerning horse keeping. Read more

Business Finance & Management

SEGES Business Finance & Management helps find the right direction for your company - both economically and legally. Read more

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