SEGES Horses provide advisory services directly to Danish farmers and breeder.

Furthermore, we co-ordinate the professional knowledge within Danish horse breeding. Moreover, we function as secretariat of the National Committee on Horse Breeding, which is the umbrella organisation of 30 Danish breeding societies.

The services we provide for example include herd book keeping, branding and issuing of horse passports.

We also provide advice on horse feeding, stable design, prevention of diseases, breeding, financial matters and horse handling. Our advice, documentation and information is mainly disseminated in co-operation with the breeding societies.

We also publish a professional information series, professional reports, articles in the professional press, and various leaflets.

We help horse breeders with everything from everyday practicalities to the greater political lines so they can concentrate on the most important; being together with the animals.
Jørgen Kold, director in SEGES Horses

Facts and Focus

  • New framework for keeping horses
  • Transport of horses
  • Sector analysis
  • Passports for all horses
  • New program for creation of feeding plans, “PC-Horse”
  • HesteData, horse database containing information about all horses recorded in Denmark


Jørgen Kold
Jørgen Kold
Chef, Heste
T: +45 8740 5460

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