SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre’s experts are wide ranging. And we are always ready to help with your specific challenge. Here you can read selected examples of where and how our specialist knowledge makes a difference.

SCC down for the count

A change of milking routines and working methods was the way to go, when Ulrik Jakobsen was able to reduce his somatic cell count. See how we helped

SEGES delivers the label of the bull

When Danish, Swedish and Finnish cows are inseminated, the cattle breeding association VikingGenetics are usually behind. Read about our work here

Full speed ahead with compact feed

Through feed samples Helge Nielsen learns much more about the content of his compound feed. See how we helped

Chinese advisors drop the patent leather shoes

Peter Uttrup has success with putting on his work gear, when he is guiding farmers in China. Read about the collaboration here

Agricultural LEAN

SEGES was the obvious choice of supplier, when Denmark’s largest outdoor horticultural enterprise implemented LEAN.  See how we helped

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