About Dairy & Beef Research Centre

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre works to ensure a sustainable future for cattle farming - with regard to finances, animal welfare as well as the environment.

We primarily do this by processing and disseminating the latest knowledge and the latest research findings to the country’s cattle consultants.

We have expertise within a variety of professional areas – feeding, health, economics, milk quality, breeding and much more, which is provided by skilled veterinarians, agronomists, economists etc.

In some areas, such as beef and veal calves, SEGES Beef & Dairy Research Centre provides direct specialist counselling to the individual farmer.

Cooperation ensures good advice

To ensure the best possible advice for cattle farmers, a large part of our activities are coordinated with the local agricultural advisers and with other departments in SEGES.

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre also has a responsibility towards a number of cooperative projects – both nationally and internationally.

Read more about our world class cattle production here (pdf)


Ida M. L. D. Storm
Ida M. L. D. Storm
Sektordirektør, Kvæg
Sektordirektør, Kvæg
T: +45 8740 5454

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