How we can  help you

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre has a wide range of expertise in health, feeding, economy, breeding and management. Our experts are always ready to advise you and your business with their comprehensive experience.

Danish milk of the highest quality

Milk quality is not only important for the farmer's bottom line, but also for food security in general. How we can help you

Genetic evaluation

Genetic evaluations are based on the records that are made on the animals. This also applies to horses, dogs and sheep. Read more about genetic evaluation

Leadership and daily management of the farm

Modern businesses require professional management. SEGES can help you optimize the daily management through a variety of tools and processes. How we can help you

Safe and healthy working environment in agriculture

A good working environment is both essential for the wallet, efficiency and mood. Get control of the working environment here

Optimum feed for cattle

The optimal composition of feed can make a big difference in your herd. SEGES can help you gain maximum use of your feed.  How we can help you

Strengthened health in stables

Our goal is to provide our customers with the latest knowledge in health, welfare and reproduction. Read about health in the stables.

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