Business Finance & Management

We help you keep the balance. The fine print. The number. And the paragraphs. Words like strategy, management, and the bottom line.  
SEGES Business Finance & Management is the innovation and knowledge department of the entire Danish Agricultural Advisory Service when it comes to:

  • Tax
  • Companies
  • Accounts and budgets
  • Business economics
  • Business strategy and management
  • Employment and family law
  • IT tools for financial management
We are continually working to support the farmers in their work as business leader by spotting new opportunities, developing new tool, drawing up analyses, and collecting and communicating the latest knowledge in our projects. 
Ejnar Schultz, Director of SEGES Business Finance & Management

Knowledge in focus

The main task of SEGES Business Finance & Management is to develop, gather and communicate the latest knowledge to the economics and tax departments of the advisory centres. It is a top priority for development and implementation of ideas and products to take place in close co-operation with all relevant partners within and outside of the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service

Executive Director

Ejnar Schultz
Ejnar Schultz
Direktør, SEGES
T: +45 8740 5222

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