Crop & Environment

One of the most important tasks of Crops & Environment is to keep advisers at the local advisory centres up to date with the latest knowledge on field operations.

We provide farmers and advisers with the information they need to keep themselves informed about the rules and regulations that constitute the framework conditions for cultivating farmland in Denmark.

In practice, this means that we:

  • produce new knowledge through national trials, farm tests and in co-operation with research scientists 
  • convey knowledge, mainly through LandbrugsInfo and 
  • develop and offer IT solutions for data management and optimisation of agricultural holdings 
  • provide specialised advisory services to Danish farmers, mainly through local advisers

Many of our activities are co-ordinated with the activities of the other departments of SEGES and of the local advisory centres throughout the country. The objective is results that are client-oriented and holistic.

Moreover, we help farmers meet the environmental demands they face and prepare flawless applications for support from the EU’s agricultural support schemes.

We were brought into the world to make farmers richer and happier. And that is what we are working for every single day. That is our passion. 
Ivar Ravn, Director of SEGES Crop & Environment

Facts & Focus

  • New output progress in crop production
  • Optimisation of feed supply
  • Agricultural engineering and soil cultivation
  • Optimised pesticide and fertiliser use
  • Development of crop production advisory service
  • Production economy
  • IT – an integrated part of crop producers’ everyday life
  • Farm tests – in-field and on-farm testing and assessment of new technologies and methods
  • Transport and logistics
  • Bioenergy crops and energy engineering
  • Crop congress
  • Research co-ordination and strategy in the field area

Executive Director

Ivar Ravn
Ivar Ravn
Direktør for Digital
T: +45 8740 6620

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