Pig Research Centre

Part of SEGES Pig Research CentreĀ“s mission is to put knowledge into practice to increase the international competitiveness of Danish pig producers.

SEGES plays an important role in this regard by providing, among other things, specialised advice to and development of advisory tools for the local pig production advisers. The department also participates in interdisciplinary projects such as, for example, integrated risk management. Moreover, the department carries out a number of permanent tasks such as providing advice on environmental issues and specialised advice on feed, production management and accounting, induction for new staff and in-service training.

We strive to maintain and enhance our position as the local adviser’s natural choice when it comes to co-ordination, development and dissemination of knowledge and tools that create value for Danish pig producers.

A high level of expertise and a strong focus on the customer is the starting point for our business unit. We work to translate our knowledge and know how into value for the Danish pig breeders.
Claus Fertin, Director in SEGES Pig Research Centre

Facts & Focus

What are our aims?
  • Pig Research Centre is to develop, test and recommend the best technologies for producing pigs in Denmark.
  • We will put knowledge into practice to increase the international competitiveness of Danish pig producers.
  • Pig Research Centre will work to ensure the best possible framework conditions for Danish pig producers and to increase public acceptance of the profession.

Pig Research Centre is a leading and internationally acclaimed knowledge company that is known for its ability to develop and show new production technologies that result in increasing yield and also improve the welfare of the pigs and reduce the environmental impact.

Focus areas - Department of Advisory Services
  • Development co-operation with pig production advisers
  • Competence development of pig production advisers
  • Special advice on feed
  • Special advice on environment
  • Advice with regard to production economy
  • Induction for new staff
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