Innovation & Development

At SEGES we are proud to admit that we have a high “nerd factor”. Our experts cover a wide field of skills that are put to the test every day in project work and collaborations with research institutes and larger corporations worldwide.

We use our "nerd factor" when we co-operate with Arla on carbon footprints. When we help Chinese authorities on food safety. Or when we provide consultancy services to a company on strategy and business development.

Do you need help to innovate or develop your business? Or do you have ideas for an exciting project? Then feel free to get in touch with us.


Do you want to learn more about our projects? Go through to the project site to see what we are working on right now.  Go to the project site


And if you want to learn more about SEGES you can get additional information and means of contact here.  Learn more about SEGES

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