SEGES offer solutions for the agriculture and food sector of the future.

Our prime objective is to identify the commercial potential in agriculture to provide Danish and international farmers and horticulturalists with the best tools for running their businesses more profitably and in the way that take account of the environment and animal welfare.

SEGES covers all aspects of farming and farm management - from crop production, the environment, livestock farming and organic production to finance, tax legislation, IT architecture, accounting, HR, training and conservation. This is carried out in close partnerships with universities, government departments, businesses and trade associations.

We are here to provide the farmers with the best possible tools, the latest knowledge and the very best consultancy. And that is what we do.

SEGES builds bridges

Some of our findings are the result of our participation in national and international projects and through our extensive research work. We collaborate with research institutes, public authorities and private companies from across the world, which enable us to draw on public research and development funds to promote innovation within the agriculture and food sector.

SEGES sells specialist advisory services, IT programs and other products, and we also manage a number of development and service functions for the 30 regional farmer-owned advisory companies throughout Denmark. These services and our commercial activities account for a large part of our turnover.

We perform

more than 1,000 field trials every year, in partnership with DLBR (the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service). We strive to develop the best possible cultivation methods under different conditions. 

We deliver facts

Our professional database, LandbrugsInfo, comprises in excess of 120.000 articles detailing trial results and analyses as well as clarification of regulations. The database, which has 280.000 cross-references and 50,000 visits per month, is divided into nearly 700 sub-categories.

We carry out

research and development projects on pig farms. As an example, SEGES also runs the Laboratory for Pig Diseases and the SPF Health Control. Another important business area is DanBred where SEGES - in close partnership with pig producers - works to ensure maximum breeding results and the application of the latest and best technologies. 

We develop and operate

the popular and unique accounting program Ø90, which provides 37,000 farmers with an accurate overview of their financial position. We develop, maintain and support many other IT tools used by farmers, including programs designed to manage cattle, pig, or crop production.

We collaborate

with the dairy and meat industry to develop and improve food products. And we are continually involved with projects that identify competitive production methods and optimise food quality. 

We employ

around 650 people across Denmark. At Agro Food Park near Aarhus, at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council based at Axelborg in Copenhagen, and at laboratories and research farms in Kjellerup and Varde in Jutland. 

SEGES' turnover amounts to around DKK 1 billion per year. 

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