Press photos

On this page you can download photos of SEGES, the general management and logos for press use.

The use of the photos is free when SEGES is mentioned in the article. If you want to download high-resolution versions of the photos, please right click on the download link underneath each photo. 

Generel management

Ejnar Schultz

Ejnar Boysen Schultz

Direktør for SEGES
Direktør for Innovation

T: +45 8740 5222
M: +45 2171 7739

Download photos (zip)

Lars Daugaard

Lars Daugaard

CFO, Group Finance & Services

T: +45 8740 5165
M: + 45 5153 8292

Download photos (zip)

Ivar Ravn  

Ivar Ravn

Direktør for Digital
Fungerende direktør for Business

T: +45 8740 6620
M: +45 3092 1706

Download photos (zip)

Corporate logos and photos

SEGES logo


Download the folder to get the logos in RGB and CMYK format.

Download logos (zip)

Agro Food Park 15

SEGES Agro Food Park 15

Download photos of SEGES' location at Agro Food Park.

Download photos (zip)


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