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Pig Production 2016

Pig Production

English version of "Svineproduktion". The Danish educational book published in 2015.

Authors: Maria Eskildsen and Andreas Vest Weber

Pig Production is based on the most updated knowledge on and recent practice with pigs. The authors, both experienced lecturers, describe all aspects of pig production. They explain the basic concepts and terminology of pig production and provide detailed instructions on how animals are looked after well and correctly. 

The book is primarily for English speaking employees in pig herds and students attending agricultural education all over the world. Consultants, sales representatives and farm inspectors may also find the book useful.


1. edition 2016

304 pages, illustrated

ISBN: 978-87-93050-37-2

Max Jørgensen
Max Jørgensen
SEGES Forlag
T: +45 8740 5079


DKK 399 

The new working tool in practical pig production


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