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This course teaches you everything you need to know about Danish Pig Production and the pig in general - from when it is born to when it is ready for slaughter. The course is free.

The course is relevant for new employees in the Danish Pig Production, because it gives you a strong foundation for handling many of the daily tasks, e.g. handling medicine, feeding, moving pigs around, castration, and culling. 

The course consists of eight course modules, and it is available in four different languages (scroll down to find the other language versions besides English).

> Hear Ukrainian Viktor Shevchenko's experiences with the course 

Click on this link to access the eight training modules

PLEASE NOTICE that when you have logged in to the course platform, you must click on the button "ADD ACTIVITY" in order to add the training modules to your individuel profile page.


When you click to access SEGES Academy's online course platform, you will be met by a login page named "AgroID (for English: press the British flag in the top right corner)

To access the training modules, you must enter a user name and password - the same user name and password that you use, if you ever login to e.g. LandbrugsInfo, or Ø90 online.  

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I dette kursus vil du lære om griseproduktion i Danmark.
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Curs în limba română

În cadrul acestui curs veți afla informații cu privire creșterea porcilor în Danemarca. Românesc
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Курс українською мовою

У цьому курсі ви освоїте матеріал про свинарське господарство в Данії.

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