Managing pig production

As a participant you will get the tools to solve management challenges from you everyday life


The course is relevant for managers in Danish pig production, who speaks, reads and writes English on a medium level.

The course is also available in Danish. Find information about the Danish course here.


Session 1

What characterizes you as a leader and how are your relations with your employees, particularly in terms of motivation?

Session 2

Your communicative skills – both in the day to day communication as well as the communication that turns into conflicts.

Session 3

What changes have you made during this course and what will you do differently in the future?


The teaching will consist of both presentations by teachers and group work – as well as individual exercises that you will conduct at your work place in between teaching days.


  • Lene Brandenborg, teacher, Dalum Landbrugsskole
  • Linda Fager Hansen, teacher, Dalum Landbrugsskole
  • Keld Kallestrup, teacher, Bygholm Landbrugsskole

Tid og sted

  • Session 1:  1.-2. April 2020
  • Session 2:  29.-30. April 2020
  • Session 3:  20. May 2020

Dalum Landbrugsskole
Landbrugsvej 65
5260 Odense S

Fakta om kurset

Startdato:   1. april 2020
Frist:   16. marts 2020
Adresse:   Dalum Landbrugsskole
Landbrugsvej 65
5260 Odense S
Pris:  11.900 kr. (ekskl. moms)

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Praktisk info

Elin Aarestrup Sørensen
Elin Aarestrup Sørensen
Konsulent, Uddannelse
SEGES Akademi

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